Chamber Orchestra Of Kona

April 22nd - Sheraton Convention Center 3PM

Concertmaster: Ursula Vietze Kohler

April 7th/8th - Location TBD



Composed by Jason Eckl for Rebecca Roudman, cellist, and the Dirty Cello band, the Blues Cello Concerto is the second in a series of concertos to feature Rebecca Roudman's crossover cello playing. The first concerto, based around wild Eastern-European gypsy music,  introduced a new style of concerto that blended classical instrumentation, and both written and improvised folk music.


Featuring Roudman's classical cello meets wailing guitar style blues playing, along with her vocal stylings, the Blues Cello Concerto keeps the classical form of 3 movements, but turns the standard orchestra sound on it's head. With both a solo instrument and the instruments of a blues band, the Blues Cello Concerto is an exciting and unique collision between classical traditions and the catharsis of soulful blues.


Spanning over 80 years of recorded blues, the 3 movements present very contrasting styles. Movement 1 is a fiery version of Cross Road Blues, first recorded by Robert Johnson in 1936, but also containing a strong nod to Eric Clapton’s version.   The second Movement is St. James Infirmary, a very old blues song of undetermined origin that morphed into its current form in the seedy underbelly of New Orleans. It features a dixieland break in the middle to pay homage to it’s origin. Finally the concerto wraps up with the third Movement, “Don’t Call Me Honey,” a contemporary blues song written by Roudman that is a humorous response to some of the machismo she’s encountered as a musician.  With the Blues Cello Concerto, the diverse world of blues comes to a modern orchestra.


May 27th  - Sheraton Convention Center 3PM

Veteran's Program

 Conductor: Bernaldo Evangelista                                               

Beethoven to Broadway

Rebecca Roudman and the Dirty Cello Band / Chamber Orchestra of Kona

Chamber Orchestra of Kona

Proceeds to be donated to several Veteran programs

Chamber Orchestra of Kona