Clarinet: Richard Shields

Conductor: Bernaldo Evangelista

Cello:   Michael Cripps

Trumpet: James Kim

Violin: Megan Pascual

French Horn: Colleen Whitty

Violin: J Ashford

Violin: Mary Collier

Cello: Julie Salis

Piccolo/Flute: Vanesa Norman

Drums: Larry "The Octopus" Boucher

Clarinet: Jim Ziegler

Viola: Ramona Cannon

Contrabass Clarinet: Julie Ching

Our 35-50 musicians are all volunteers who live, work and reside on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They are doctors, REALTORS(R), archi​tects, business owners and more; they all come together on a weekly basis to practice for the love of music and to bring live orchestral music to the Big Island community.

Meet the Musicians 

Cello: Kathy Frasier

Trumpet: Steve Moon

French Horn: Jim Stablein

String Bass: Delphina Dorrance

Violin: Emma Zusag

Violin: Charis Borg

Trumpet: Arlene Araki

Clarinet: David Turner

Trumpet/Trombone : Charles O'Kelly

Cello: Jill Wagner

Viola: Terry Ryan

Trombone: Alfred Evangelista Jr.

French Horn : Joann  Freed

Cello: Stephanie Neesvig

Violin: Morganne Aaberg

Trombone: Jenny Brown

Violin: May Lee

Piano: Satomi Ebisawa

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Chamber Orchestra Of Kona

Viola: Catherine Marie Molina-Summers

French Horn: Jessica Dahlke

French Horn: Peter Anderegg

Viola: Iain Cook

Violin: Ankea Phem

Flute: Deanna Shelor